Gella's Diner + L.b. Brewing Co. in Hays, Kansas

My Taste Bud Experience at Gella’s Diner + L. b. Brewing Co.

Stepping off the bricks in downtown Hays, Kansas and into the threshold of the renowned Gella’s Diner is what I picture walking into a time capsule to be like. Eyes greeted with beautiful exposed brick and archaic wood beams, nose simultaneously embraced with the combination of homemade brews and handmade fried steaks, I felt right at home.

Any stomach would be jealous of the array of goodness that Gella’s offers. There is a little something for everyone on their exclusive menu; from oddballs like dill pickle soup to simple comforts like the “Brewben” sandwich, your taste buds are in for a real treat. And that is not even including the option of made-on-site hops or their delightful cream soda to wash it all down.

My go-to fav at Gella’s is the tummy-rumbling Home Fried Steak, devised from marinated beef steak that is dipped into Gella’s signature breading and fried to perfection until crisp. The taste of the fried steak is hearty enough to stand on its own, but I always pair it with mashed potatoes smothered in their homemade gravy and a nice helping of French fried green beans. (My mouth is seriously watering right now writing this, ya’all.)

The home fried steak is the star of the show, but no show can go on without talking about these magnificent sides that perfectly compliment the steak! You will not find be disappointed by limply, tasteless mashed taters at Gella’s. I am unsure how their potatoes are made, but you can tell a bit of love goes into their creation. With just the right amount of lumps in all the right places, it tastes as if a grandmother made it special just for my order.

And the nice-sized portion of French fried green beans is even better than a any amount of regular French fries you find at comparable restaurants. Crispy and smothered in homemade batter, these fried beans are the perfect end to such a great meal, with an optional homemade Dijon sauce for dipping.

I pair this meal with one of Gella’s homemade brewskies or L.b. crafted crème sodas. There are an array of tastes that their on-site created beers, root beers and crème sodas will satisfy. The staff at Gella’s does not even blink at the request of getting a to-go cup full of your favorite drink (that is alcohol-free, of course.)

By the time I get through this entire meal (if I can without a to-go box) my stomach is not only full and satisfied, but my taste buds are beyond satisfied.

If you’re yearning for a break from driving, during your I-70 travels in Western Kansas, I highly recommend adventuring to the gorgeous downtown district in Hays – after your stomach is humbled with the homemade goodness at Gella’s, you can check out the shops, bask in a bit of history, and perhaps attend one of the many festivals Hays has throughout the year. 

You can learn more about Gella’s by visiting their website at

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2 thoughts on “My Taste Bud Experience at Gella’s Diner + L. b. Brewing Co.”

  1. You got my mouth watering reading through this short but beautifully descriptive piece. I never thought someone could make green beans sound so delicious!

    1. Thank you so much!☺

      If you’re ever in that area, I highly recommend Gella’s! It’s delicious and the atmosphere is a very unlikely find in Western Kansas ☺ If you’re a beer connoisseur, I would pair your meal with a brew on tap there as well! 😋🍺

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