It's incredible how quickly the year flies by, amiright? As a rideshare driver, the holidays means more merry competition that requires you to step up your game to not only get more holiday rides under your belt but to receive well-deserved tips!

In the spirit of the holiday season, you should be thinking about ways to spruce up your hustle to reflect that warm feeling that we all desire! But who has time for brainstorming during this time of year? Keep that energy for pondering over what to get your family and friends. Read on to see a few holiday ideas to attract rideshare customers to riding within the comfort of your backseat!

Exterior Decorating

With all the options for Christmas decorations, picking out decor that suites your vehicle can be overwhelming. Here you will find an awesome list of holiday decor to add a splash of Christmas spirit to the exterior of your car, make you stand-out and spread the holiday cheer.


Reindeer Car Costume

Make your car look like a cute reindeer! It comes with antlers and an adorable bright red Rudolph nose! Who can’t resist a reindeer?

Elf Automotive Magnet

If you are the type that likes easy decorating, the simply place one of these hilarious elf helper leg magnets anywhere on your car! In the seriousness of the holidays, everyone likes a tidbit of hilarity!

Snowflake Glass Décor Stickers

Another simple holiday fix for decorating your car. These decals are elegant and bring a simplistic holiday flare to your car.


LED Waterproof Lights

Light up your car during the holiday season with these easy-to-install lights that change colors! Your customers will feel like a star hopping into a colorful car!


In my experience, rideshare customers really enjoy the added personal touches that their drivers provide. The holiday season is the perfect time to let your creativity flow! Here are some creative ways to spread holiday cheer to all your passengers!

Water Bottle Labels

There are many ways you can create labels to stick on the bottles of water you offer your customers! You can find many pre-made ones online or you can make your own!

Holiday Candy

Stock up on a variety of inexpensive holiday mints, chocolates, hard candies, and more! If you have regular customers, perhaps ask them what they like and make sure to have that particular candy stocked.


Candy Cane Peppermint Gum

The same idea as with the water bottles, get crafty and create paper covers for gum wrappers! Or you could place stickers on gum packets/individual gum pieces as well.


Holiday Air Fresheners

Many people love the smell that the holidays offer! Go out and get some holiday car fresheners to keep that Christmas sensation going during rides.

Small Gift

There is no right or wrong answer here, maybe you see a cool holiday pen that comes in a pack of 20, or you picked up some intriguing holiday items in bulk during Black Friday. Make these small gifts available to the first few customers throughout the month of December! Your customers will remember this and spread the word as well.

Pick Up Gift Certificates

If you have a favorite place that you like to go out to eat, a place to shop in town, etc, then go out and get some $5 gift certificates to give to your customers! They will enjoy this and everyone likes free money.

Play Holiday Tunes

Pick up some holiday CD’s and listen to them as you cruise around town during December.

The holiday season is a perfect excuse to go “all-out” and pamper all of your passengers, new and old! The season of giving should not stop once your passenger(s) hop in your car. Turn up that Christmas rock, decorate your vehicle, and get to cruising as the rideshare driver that owned Christmas!

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