About Me

I am a creative freelancer who refuses to conform to the norm, and my mission is to help others do the same.


By creating original and engaging content that your clients and potential customers not only resonate with, but keeps them coming back to your business to consume more of your content.

From 100-word social media posts to 2000+ word feature pieces, I aim to make every piece of content I craft valuable, entertaining, and actionable.

I strive to be attentive of your brand's mission by creating content that aligns with your goals and that continues to build your business for years to come.

In a nutshell, I’m the creative wordsmith & digital creator who will save you a sh*t ton of time that you could be utilizing to concentrate on the big picture of your biz!

I’m a versatile creator who takes pleasure in learning & researching new niches, but I specialize in crafting B2C content in the following: 

About Me

Pet Industry

Online Marketing

Drone Industry


Product Copywriting

Social Media Marketing

Brand Awareness

LGBT Relationships

Personal Development

Fun Facts About Me

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About Me 2
About Me 3
  • I am a sweet freak! I’m constantly craving my mom’s infamous homemade goodies
  • I have other side businesses that keep me busy & keep my creative muscles toned
  • I am a homebody; I would rather snuggle up with my laptop than go out (But I love to network with other creatives!)
  • I am one of two moms to a sweet & sassy Yorkshire “Terrorizer” named Hershey
  • I’m Western Kansas born & raised, but recently made the move to the big ole metropolis of Kansas City, MO. The city bug sure has bit!
  • I'm a total tomboy. You'll almost always catch me sporting something comfy rather than heels & dresses

If you want to connect and get to know me more as a creative, reach out to me on my socials or by email!

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